Chateau Grand Moulin


The striking owner Jean Noël worked in a co-op until 1988, but he had the dream to become known himself. He found a suitable place to furnish his new cellars on the banks of the Orbieu. But after the dramatic floods of 1999, when all his cellars flooded, he set his hope on a new location (current Chateau) on the edge of the Route National 113, which runs from Toulouse to Narbonne. A new start for an ambitious man.

Frédéric Bousquet, a young winemaker, took over from his father in 2014 and now runs this beautiful estate. We are proud know them and to be allowed to serve and sell their beautiful wines. They always have top quality.

In 2017 he visited us and of course we hope he will come over more often for our customers, the wine drinkers of the Grand Moulin.

Chateau Grand Moulin with its 130 hectares is an exception, an unique case in in Corbières for such an important wine region. The cellars are situated in the heart of the city Lézignan-Corbières and 200 plots spread over 5 municipalities in different terroirs of Corbières.

Discovered: on the advice of the carpenter who has realized a lot of craftsmanship at Heidy’s parents in France, his wife Jackey is Jean Noël’s sister.