Wine & Appetizer

Each Friday: Wine tasting evening:

, all our wines are uncorked, served with appetizers! You can taste and drink all our wines and during the evening all kinds of appetizers are served. Appetizers are small, refined delicacies, colourful and fresh; taste and simplicity come first. They have something festive, attractive and pleasant.  € 39,50 p.p.

  • We will welcome you at 07.30 pm. This evening ends at 11.00 pm
  • Groups, max. 12 persons per reservation 
  • You don’t want to cook anymore? Order (in advance) a Burgundian board! 14,95 p.p. or a Mediterranean board. Both available from 2 persons. 

In the first place, drinking wine is “pure pleasure”! Everyone tastes wine in their own way. Our personal senses ask questions and the wine responds. Never become a label drinker but a wine lover.

Of course we offer non-alcoholic alternatives as well! (no price difference!)