About us

2 families manage this Lieve Hemel.

Marcel & Heidy zijn gestart in 2007, Henk & Jolanda joined them in 2015.

Both brothers van den Beuken are from the milkman….no not kidding, their cradle for entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality!

Everyone has its own specialty. Marcel has specialized in wines, the garden and DIY. Brother Henk runs the kitchen (together with Pascalle, niece of Heidy). Jolanda is responsible for wines and administration, Heidy for marketing & PR, wine and sometimes the kitchen!

The French feeling and idea comes from Heidy’s parents who lived in France for many years. In France we sniffed the real Joie de Vivre feeling, the cooking smell, the wine, spirt and the atmosphere and we took it to Limburg. For Marcel moving was a bridge too far, so that’s why we “pretend” we live in France.

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