our wines are for sale


Joie de Vivre! How do you do that? Book a package: experience and enjoy!

Do you want to book all rooms with a group? With maybe even the boutique apartments? We always offer an arrangement for this. Feel free to inquire about our possibilities.


Enjoy the French cuisine in Limbourgois! A 3 or 4 course dinner with accompanying wines, or taste and share together, or in season mussels, cheese fondue or fruits de mer! Bienvenue...


Joie de Vivre, simply enjoy a package that has already been put together, so that everything has already been arranged and you don't have to think about anything else.... how nice that is!

the holidays

Of course, there is always something to celebrate, and you should hang the garlands yourself, but during the holidays we like to wrap this gift in a nice fitting Heavenly jacket, uuuuh arrangement....


Wines, there is still so much to discover and learn! The nice thing is that the Languedoc, where we import our wines from, is a big playground of grape varieties. So you can taste and test them on our wine evenings to find out what your favourite wine is... But that can always change!