Chateau Salitis


Owners: Anne & Frederique Marandon

Total surface: 110 ha. To the north of Carcassonne, near the village
Conques sur Orbiel.

The climate has a favorable effect on the grapes, they say. Especially because of the Mediterranea and the oceanic sun.
The Chateau is situated in a very old annex of the Abbey of Lagrasse. The Domaine of Salitis has been owned by the Depaule Marandon family for four generations and has been planted with quality grapevines since the end of the 19th century. This Chateau is also surrounded by vineyards, a beautiful sight.

The label of the Cuvée des Dieux shows a painting made by Peter Casteuus (1605-1683), named ‘L’Enfance”. This painting is family property and the painter is a Dutchman.