Domaine Le Fort

Owners: Stéphanie Fargues and Marc Pagès

The Domaine is located near Montreal, 20km to the east of Carcassonne. The westernmost of the vineyards in the Languedoc: Malepère. In 1995 they took over the company of Marc’s parents. The produce approx. 200 hectolitres a year. Total surface: 35 ha. Everything in-house, including bottling.

The vineyards are planted around the Domaine, everywhere you look around the courtyard you will see grapes and more grapes in a beautiful valley of the Aude. The tasting room is situated in the castle (the “fort”, s. label). The company was named after this “fort”.

Each year they hope to win prizes for a good assessment by a professional jury during the “concours des Meilleurs”. In the French trade magazine “Terres des Vins” stars are regularly allocated to their beautiful wines.

They have only 2 foreign importers, 1 in Belgium and we! We are very proud of it. Heidy’s parents who lived near this Domain were their first customers!